Vasily Akinchits

Personal Traveler

About me

My name is Vasiliy.

I am a 44 year-old world citizen, originally from Belarus.  I was born in Belarus (not Belarrusia, which is not correct) in Hrodna, a city whose old-style  architecture makes it be considered as a¨Little Paris¨.

It is practically the only city that was spared from the bombings in World War II and  from even after the Soviet era.  My brother was the one that showed his love for history, the city and the world, therefore, becoming one of the most well-known architects in my country.  After having travelled, living in many different countries, and getting to know different cultures, thus understanding the world, I learned about communication.  I studied tourism in Madrid and since then, I have applied all my knowledge, with love and passion, in my tours on segway and on foot in Madrid, which is now my home.

I speak Russian, Belarusian, Polish, English and Spanish.

Along with guided tours, my other passion is interpreting.  After having studied for four years, I´m still at it.  As an actor, I work on television, advertising and in films.  And thanks to this, my stories are full of affection, revolving around the passion and love I have for this city and Spain.  It is as if I had been born here or as if my soul has belonged to this land for centuries ago.

And now, I embark, hand in hand with Bernar Caldevilla, on a new project which is just right for me and for all of you,

We´ll continue travelling and sharing.

Where would you like to go?  Well, let´s go.

Vasily Akinchits.