Bernar Caldevilla


About me

I was born in a small village in Cantabria, and being the son of farmers and cattle herders, I immediately developed a passion for everything related to nature and its conservation.  Therefore, after having received proper training in gardening, cooking, security, truck driving and as a personal bodyguard, I worked for a time as a forest ranger, which was a dream come true.  Afterwards, I settled in Madrid, where I studied languages:  English, French and Italian.  I also studied drama in various schools, my career as a ¨producer¨ took off.  I produced, wrote and acted in my own shows, with which I had the luck and pleasure of travelling throughout Spain and Latin America for the past 18 years, During which time, I also wrote for the Magazine, Actors for Actors Union.  Along with this, I have worked in the modelling sector  (I have been modelling for Springfield, Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro for almost 10 years).  This of course, has also given me the opportunity to travel.  What can I say, I am on cloud nine.

My best friends are optimism and reading, and I also enjoy all the wonderful pleasures that spending time with family has to offer.  My family are my parents, my grandmother and Iñaki (my donkey), whom I visit or with whom I travel quite often (unfortunately, I cannot travel with Iñaki).

A long time ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal disease.  It´s called travelitis and I was recommended a serious treatment which includes travelling and staying in other countries, (almost 60 and still continuing with the dosage).  The treatment works– it gives me knowledge and a sense of well-being.  The thing is it is quite addicting and not only that, but it is also contagious to those around me.  I know that there are many of you out there with travelitis, willing to share your experiences.

What will be the next?

I am your new personal traveler.  Would you like to travel with me?